Interview by TNC (The New Current)

How did you get started?

I started the Guitare Noire project after the split of my band Soup Toxic in 2007. About to get my own myspace first but It became a true project at the end of some songs to allow the release of my first vinyl.

Where you musical at school?

I started playing guitar when I was 15 years old at school in a local punk rock band

What is your favourite venue to play?

I’d like to try to put a band together to play live again and manage a tour dates. I never play in Great Britain and there is still a dream. But I’m alone with Guitare noire and I think it is impossible to play live for the moment because I dont write my music to play shows.

Do you have a favourite band/arists living or dead?

I’m a big fan of The Cure since the debut of 80’s.. I have bands like Bauhaus, Cocteau Twins, Joy Division or Killing Joke in my top band!

What has been the best gig you have played?

With my previous band? Because I never play with Guitare Noire of course. I have some great memories with the australian rock legend The New Christ.. It was the last gig of soup toxic and it was one of the most emotional gig.

What city-country would you like to visit?

I like to visite Australia before I’m dead! But I don’t think a trip is really a dream in my life. I could be happy to stay in my land.

What would you say about the music scene now?

More understanding people for a couple of years now at shows like in the 80’s. Also, the Internet and websites like Myspace could help for a broad-minded judge and to be ready to entertain different ideas of the music. Guitare Noire could not existe without Internet. I mean the new music scene and Internet are really close!

Where does your music fit in?

I need some songwriting is necessary to breathe correctly in my life. Most of the time the song is not good but I need to do something. I play music to survive so the music is everywhere around me.

Would you allow your music to be used in commercials/TV?

Did you really think its possible for me? I dont play music for money or to be a start but if people are interested about Guitare noire it’s great.. But I don’t dream anymore!

If there was one person you could work with who would it be?

I like to write songs with different people and use Internet to send works. This days I try to play with a band called The Strange Walls from New York. Usually, I like to write new songs with everybody so please contact me!

What would you say the worst thing about toring is?

There are not too many bad things about touring but the worst thing is when you are too drunk to play and people think you are all the time like this!

What are your worst habits?

Sex and beer!

What drives your music and your passion?

When I write a song I hope to affect the melancolic emotions of someone. Maybe I want to make people happy to be happy myself.

How do you write your music?

I use my computer and a M-Audio Black Box… I play guitar, bass-guitar, keyboard and some others instruments like a Melodica, a Whistle, a Bombard and others but it’s difficult to insert in my music most of the time… I usually play a guitar part and try to find others melodies with my keyboard. But its hard for me to find the style first. I try to find myself in a sensual and melancolic feeling before to work. Some weeks I could not play at all.

What have you go planned for the rest of the year, you playing any festivals?

I’d like to planned a couple of shows if I can find a band to play my music. I hope to release news records this year.